Ostap Hel’s Third Bouquet Knife is the Push Dagger Strelit

Ostap Hel‘s Bestech Bouquet is getting its third flower soon, in the form of the Strelit. Like the two previous models in the series, the Strelit takes its inspiration from a real-world plant; but it takes that inspiration in a very different direction than either.

One glance at the Strelit and you can see the headlining feature: this is one of very few – if any – high-end, production push dagger designs. In the fully-open position (kicked off via flipper), the Strelit’s 1.23-inch hawkbill blade points out perpendicularly from the side of the knife instead of the top. Huge, sweeping grooves on either side of the tang provide a neck for the user’s fingers to lock around in a fist-style grip. This allows for more aggressive slashing and piercing actions than a standard folding knife naturally allows for. Blade steel is M390, the same high-end stainless we saw on both previous Bouquet models.

The Strelit’s perpendicular blade is where we can see its floral influence most clearly. The Strelit takes its name from the Strelitzia reginae – otherwise known as the Bird of Paradise flower. The Strelitzia reginae’s bloom emerges from a long green sheath, called a spathe, that points out at a 90-degree angle to the rest of the plant – just like the Strelit’s blade.

The Strelit and its floral inspiration
The handle beneath that blade is short, wide, and curved. Made from sculpted titanium, it will be available in multiple anodizations, and with options for a slender pair of carbon fiber inlays. A frame lock with steel insert is in place; and a sculpted titanium pocket clip follows the organic curve of the handle shape.

The Strelit will be available in many different flavors
Hel and Bestech kicked off the Bouquet collection with the Tulip, a tiny flipper inspired by the Japanese kiridashi. The Ivy, released at the end of 2020, was a larger knife with an elongated hawkbill blade shape.

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