Spyderco knives Reveal 7 Shows Intense Focus on Steel

Today is Day 1 of SHOT Show On Demand, a digital variation of the big show that many are acutely feeling the cancellation of – and to kick things off right, Spyderco released their Product Reveal number 7, showcasing a major focus on steel variety amongst existing models.
More K390 Models

The lion’s share of the Reveal concerns renditions of existing models in the blue handled, K390 steel variation. The Wharnie versions of both the Dragonfly 2 and Delica 4 have been inducted into the K390 club, alongside the SpyderEdge variants of the Endela, Endura 4, and Delica 4.

Perhaps most excitingly, it looks like the straight spined Stretch 2, originally released as a Sprint Run in 2019, is joining the Spyderco lineup on a somewhat more permanent basis in the K390 series.

Viele Phoenix Returns

The sole new Sprint Run in Reveal 7 brings back a classic Spyderco release called the Phoenix. This unusual knife was designed by Howard Viele, a knife maker and collaborator who passed away in 2019. The Phoenix Sprint Run has red G-10 scales and VG-10 steel.

Latest Mule

It’s no surprise, in this steel-centric reveal, that we get a peek at the latest Mule Team fixed blade. This one is made from Z-Max, an extreme PM steel whose performance draws comparisons to things like HAP40 and Maxamet.

S30V Dragonfly 2

The pink-handled, leaf-bladed Dragonfly 2 gets an upgrade from VG-10 this year: to S30V, available in a satin finish or black coating.

Salt 2 in LC200N

The Salt 2, Delica 4 equivalent in the Salt Series, is the latest Salt knife to get bumped from H-1 to LC200N – in both its standard and wharncliffe blade models. In addition to the metallurgical modification, the leaf blade version now sports the same full flat grind as its landlubber relation.

New Slipits

The non-locking arm of Spyderco’s catalog is joined by four more models. First of all we’re getting a new, Salt-ified UK Pen Knife with bright yellow scales and LC200N steel. The Li’l Native Slipit, which is exactly what it says on the tin, is also on the way. And last but not least, the Roadie series, which has remained unchanged since the knife’s original release, is getting two additional handle color options: brown and olive green.

Cru-Wear Para Military 2

Spyderco’s beloved PM2 continues to chug along, with another variation inbound. This one is made from Cru-Wear blade steel like a previous sprint run, but with brown canvas Micarta handle scales instead of G-10.

Black Blade Yojumbo

The big and brash Yojumbo gets one small variation in Reveal 7: an all black version for those who prefer it to the satin finish predecessor.


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