SOG knives to Bring out Three New Series for 2021

SOG has laid out a comprehensive roadmap for 2021, and it includes two waves of new releases. Things are kicking off with LTE revisions of the Terminus XR and Kiku XR, which focus on being as lightweight as possible; later in the year, new fixed blades and automatics will be rolled out.

The Terminus and Kiku XR models showcase SOG’s XR Lock in compact, EDCable packages, and the company is emphasizing these traits with the new “LTE” variants. These LTE versions come with redesigned handles and materials to minimize their carry weight: the Kiku XR LTE makes use of G-10 or Micarta scales and a carbon fiber backspacer to shave off nearly 30% of its predecessor’s weight, tipping the scales at 4.1 oz.. Meanwhile, the Terminus XR LTE goes for thin, skeletonized carbon fiber liners beneath the laminated carbon fiber scales to bring the weight down to 2.2 oz. – a 25% drop from the standard XR model.

Both LTE knives also have redesigned pocket clips, and bring premium steels to bear; S35VN in the case of the Terminus, and CTS-XHP for the Kiku.

Pentagon Series Expands

Later this year, SOG will build upon 2020’s Pentagon redesign with a two-pronged expansion into new genres. The Pentagon FX is a full-sized tactical fixed blade, hearkening back to the old Pentagon knives but with pointed, modern updates. The entire profile is streamlined, the handle reimagined, and the steel upgraded to S35VN. The Pentagon FX also comes with a highly modular GRN sheath that can have its draw strength adjusted, no tools required.

Alongside the full-sized, 4.77 inch-bladed Pentagon FX is the Pentagon FX Covert which, as the name suggests, shrinks things down a bit to maximize carry potential. With a 3.41-inch blade it is significantly smaller, but has the same design and material upgrades its bigger brother, minus the adjustable sheath.

These fixed blade variants will be joined by the Pentagon OTF automatic. It has a 3.79-inch, S35VN dagger blade, opened and closed via a large botton on the front scale. The handle is aluminum, and a loop over pocket clip keeps this 6.7 oz. OTF in place during carry.


The Pentagon OTF isn’t the only new auto from SOG this year. The SOG-TAC, which re-released as a manual, XR Lock-equipped folder in 2020, is getting a whole suite of single action automatics in the summer. Dubbed the SOG-TAC AU line, there are multiple varieties on offer. All of them feature the same aluminum handles, D2 blade steel, and domestic manufacture.

The standard SOG-TAC AU borrows its overall dimensions and look from the SOG-TAC XR. That means a 3.43-inch blade (available in drop point or tanto configurations), but it is joined by the SOG-TAC AU Compact, which shrinks the blade length down to 2.94 inches.

SOG-TAC AU Compact
Finally, there is the SOG-TAC Compact California Special which, as the name implies, caters to California’s automatic blade length requirements with a stubby 1.96-inch drop point or tanto.

SOG-TAC AU Compact California Special
The LTE blades are available now, but the Pentagon and SOG-TAC AU lines will not debut until July.


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