Shirogorov knives Partners with RJ Martin for Special Edition Overkill

Shirogorov is partnering with custom maker RJ Martin on a very limited collaboration version of Martin’s Overkill design. The Russian Overkill, as it has been dubbed, highlights the styles of both collaborators, with Shirogorov’s detail-oriented touch highlighting the slick and work-ready profile of the Martin original.
The Overkill is Martin’s flagship blade, a classic in the custom world. In terms of the broad strokes, the Russian Overkill retains the fundamentals its forbear. It has the same general profile and proportions, and thus is a big knife, with a cutting edge of 3.9-inches. The blade still opens with the classic RJ Martin flipper tab shape, albeit now turning on the Shirogorov Single-Row Roller Bearing System.

Gone, however, is the Overkill’s recurve blade shape; in what is probably the most notable alteration, Shirogorov gave the Russian Overkill a blade in the straight drop point style, similar to the shop’s other in-house designs. Every Shirogorov releases comes decked out in a super steel, and this time it’s M398, the sequel to Bohler-Uddeholm’s longstanding M390; this formulation debuted in 2019, but is still something of a rare sight in the knife world.

Small changes are also apparent on the handle: the original Overkill is a slim knife, but the Shiro collab is even thinner, with a narrowed handle that brings the weight down to 4.7 oz. The scales are titanium, with delicate concentric millwork on both sides, and subtly contoured: they’re actually thinner at the pivot and thicker at the back end. The lock is a titanium frame lock with steel insert, and a sculpted Ti pocket clip sits in a small divot formed by the lock bar relief.


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