knifeglobal Spyderco’s First 2020 Product Reveal Showcases Next Gen Steels

Spyderco has just released its fourth Product Reveal, detailing the new models it will be bringing to SHOT Show 2020 next week. The Reveal shows Spyderco placing a particularly strong emphasis on steel – including a brand new, propietary steel developed by the Golden, CO maker itself.

CPM SPY27 Steel

The Para 3 Lightweight and Manix 2 Lightweight will be the first two models to feature CPM SPY27 blade steel. Spyderco teamed up with Crucible Industries to create SPY27, which they describe as “a particle metallurgy stainless steel containing a proprietary mix of alloys, including vanadium, molybdenum, niobium, nitrogen, and cobalt. This remarkable composition, enhanced by the amplifying effects of cobalt and the state-of-the-art Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, is produced exclusively for Spyderco and will be featured in select USA-made models.”

Spyderco typically assigns a color to each specialty steel it employs in its lineup. Thus the CPM SPY27 models will all come with cobalt blue handle scales to indicate they’re sporting Spyderco’s homegrown steel.


The Astute is the latest addition to Spyderco’s Value Folder category. Visually, it comes across as a blend between the Polestar and the original G-10 Tenacious. Its relatively narrow drop point blade measures 3.02 inches long and is made from 8Cr13MoV; a liner lock, the Astute weighs just 2.6 oz.

Endela Emerson Opener

Spyderco expands the Endela line with an Emerson Opener model. As is the case with other Emerson Opener Spydercos, this Endela trades in its full flat ground blade for a narrower, sabre-ground one to accomodate the Wave feature.

Chaparral Sun and Moon

Each Chaparral release exhibits a different handle material or construction. The Lightweight model existed to emphasis utility, but the new Sun and Moon model leans into the artistic side of the Chaparral concept. It comes with a black G-10 show side scale inlaid with a pearl moon, and a white G-10 scale on the off side inlaid with a red G-10 sun. Blade steel remains the line-standard CTS-XHP.

Pacific Salt 2

At long last, the Pacific Salt models are moving from the older Endura chassis to that of the current Endura 4. This means Bi-Directional Texturing on the handle is in, along with a four-way positionable clip and less blocky, more refined ergonomics.


The Watu, like the Chokwe before it, takes inspiration from the bladecraft of Central Africa. Its has a rectangular handle that still manages to exhibit an ergonomic arc, alongside a 3.26-inch blade made from CPM-20CV steel. Spyderco also equipped it with carbon fiber/G-10 laminate handles and a Compression Lock.


In terms of non-culinary fixed blades, the Nightstick is the only one debuting at SHOT Show. Designed by Gayle Bradley, it has a 3.75-inch dagger blade – albeit one with a single edge to keep it legal in more places. Smooth G-10 handle scales are laid over a full tang construction, and while Bradley is known for his predilection for M4 and other high octane steels, for this boot knife-style release he settled on CPM S30V.

Bombshell Flash Batch

The next model in Spyderco’s Flash Batch project is the Bombshell, modeled after the Michael Burch custom of the same name. The Bombshell has a stonewashed, skinner-esque drop point blade made from CPM 20CV. It measures a mere 2.73 inches long, making it among the smallest of this batch of releases. However its contoured G-10 handle scales and chunky .157″ thick blade stock give the titanium liner lock Bombshell hard use knife heft and ergonomics.

Ladybug 3 K390

One of the tiniest knives in Spyderco’s lineup, the Ladybug 3 is getting in on the high performance steel action with a K390 version. While Spyderco has utilized K390 on Sprint Runs and the Police 4 before, this model will kick off a series of K390 variations of popular models, all with this particular blue handle hue.

Byrd Harrier 2 Lightweight

The Byrd line’s sole new release is a Lightweight version of the existing Harrier 2 model. By transitioning to FRN, the Lightweight model loses more than half an ounce of weight compared to its G-10-scaled stablemate, moving down to 2.7 from 3.4 oz.

Debut of S45VN and Other Sprint Runs

Of course Spyderco has also slated all sorts of existing models for 2020 Sprint Runs in special steels. Leading the charge are the Para 3 and Para Military 2 in CPM S45VN. Crucible worked with Niagara Specialty Metals on this steel and released it last November. According to early analysis from Larrin Thomas over at Knife Steel Nerds, S45VN’s formulation improves edge retention and corrosion resistance over S35VN, while sacrificing a little bit of toughness. These two Sprint Runs are color-coded forest green and have a Diamond Arc texturing pattern cut into their G-10 scales.

The other big Sprint Run project is a series of REX 45 models. The Native 5, Native 5 Lightweight, Li’l Native, Manix 2, Manix 2 Lightweight, Para 3 Lightweight, Native Chief, and Shaman will all be available with this steel – and burnt orange scales – for a limited time.

Murray Carter Wakiita Series

The next batch of Murray Carter-designed kitchen knives rounds out the Product Reveal. The Wakiita Series focuses on the developing chef who wants high quality cutlery at a more affordable price point. It consists of the five Itamae designs – the Bunka Bocho, Funayuki, Gyuto, Nakiri, and Petty with altered materials: full black G-10 handles instead of capped burl G-10 ones, and CTS-BD1N blade steel instead of SUS410-clad Super Blue.

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