GiantMouse Clyde Line Expands with More Affordable Aluminum Version

A new version of the storied GiantMouse Clyde is on the way. The design itself remain the same, but changes to the blade and handle materials make this version of the Clyde more accessible than the original.

The Clyde is a well-known character in GiantMouse’s lineup. It was originally teased in the fall of 2018, but due to quality control issues with the first batch, it didn’t become available until August of the next year. Designers Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Ansø pulled in inspiration from Japanese, Persian, and Nordic bladecraft and created a stylish everyday carry knife with a lot of personality – a personality that took on a life of its own as the delayed release stretched on and there well-intentioned jokes on social media from GiantMouse fans, eager to get their hands on the knife, and the company itself, eager to release it.

All of the key dimensions on this new Clyde are the same, from the 3-inch trailing point blade, to the humpbacked handle, to liner lock mechanism. The major changes are material in nature. Instead of the Elmax we saw on the original model, this Clyde’s blade is made from N690Co. In comparison to the powder metallurgy Elmax, N690 is definitely a lesser steel, but still a well-regarded performer, with higher than average edge retention, and high stain resistance. It is also much easier to maintain than Elmax, especially if you don’t have an advanced sharpening setup. The Clyde came out with both Micarta- and brass-scaled options; this latest version has full aluminum scales, either black or candy apple red.

The two colorations of the aluminum Clyde
The aluminum Clyde comes in at 2.8 oz., which is a bit heavier than the Micarta version’s 2.5 oz., but much lighter than the brass model’s 4.2 oz. The aluminum scales (and N690 steel) do make a difference in terms of the price; the aluminum version is the most affordable Clyde yet, with an MSRP of $145.

Tweaks and expansions seem to be a part of GiantMouse’s 2021 game plan. Their last release prior to the aluminum Clyde was the Sonoma V2, a Micarta-scaled, liner lock version of a knife that had previously only been available with titanium scales and a frame lock.

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