Gerber Streamlines Armbar Knife-Based Multitool Line

Gerber is expanding its Armbar series this year with a pair of new models, the Armbar Slim Drive, and Armbar Slim Cut. These variants emphasize portability by reducing the number of included tools.

The original Armbar line was a 2020 release, and a new way for Gerber to explore the multitool concept. Gerber is well-known for its plier-based designs, but the Armbars were more like Swiss Army knives or the Leatherman Free models in being knife-based – that is, all the included tools were built around a frame fundamentally comparable to any other folding knife.

Until now, there were two flavors of the Armbar: the Drive and the Cork. Both came equipped with knife blades and scissors, but the other tools varied. Each model was defined by one major included tools: the Drive had a fold out bit driver arm, a la the Center-Drive multitool, while the Cork, naturally, had a corkscrew.

The Armbar Slim Cut
There are two Slim models as well, each with a main blade, and a bottle opener. Similar to their bigger brothers, the new duo differs in their third, primary tool: the Slim Drive has the driver arm, and the Cut has the folding scissors (there’s no corkscrew Slim model currently). The blades on either model measure 2.5 inches long and lock up with a slightly unconventional-looking, although very traditionally-operated, frame lock mechanism.

These streamlined Slim models save a considerable amount of weight compared to the original Armbars: the Armbar Slim Drive weighs 2.5 oz., and the Slim Cut weighs just 2.1 oz. (for reference, the original Armbar Drive and Cork weighed 3.1 oz.).

The Armbar Slim models are available in multiple colors and expected to arrive with dealers shortly.

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