Buck Knives Brings in Non-Family President for First Time in Company History

Buck is welcoming Lane Tobiassen to the team as the company’s new president. Tobiassen brings years of experience in knife-adjacent industries, and is the first president of Buck to not be a member of the Buck family itself.

Since being founded in 1902, Buck has been a family affair, with four generations of Bucks taking the helm in turn. CJ Buck, an omnipresent mover and shaker in the knife world, was the most recent family member to hold the position. But he says in an official press release that the time was right for an outside influence in this key leadership role. “The final piece of the puzzle was to bring in outside expertise to lead the daily operations…It is a testament to the family’s commitment to make our company more robust and less vulnerable to fluctuations in our marketplace or the broader economy.”

Recently, we’ve seen Buck focusing on its product development in relatively daring initiatives; it could be argued that 2017-2020 were some of the most adventurous years in the company’s history to date, with big riffs on their classic models, and several new lines that attempt to embody modern knife design values. CJ Buck, who is retaining his position as CEO, notes that bringing in Tobiassen will allow Buck to capitalize on these moves. “We continue on with the strategies we have been implementing over the last three years with a renewed clarity on flawless execution.”

Prior to coming to Buck, Tobiasson has occupied leadership positions at Smith & Wesson, Crimson Trace, and LaCrosse – none of which are knife companies, of course, but all bear a relation to it under the greater “Outdoors/Sporting Goods” product genre. “I am very excited to lead the team at Buck Knives,” says Tobiassen in the release. “It’s such an honor to be welcomed into this family, and my experience in the outdoor industry and firearms market gives me the insight and perspective needed to drive growth strategies forward and execute on an exciting period of growth for Buck Knives.”

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