Böker Taps Auto Knife Partner for Balisong Release

Böker has once again partnered with Texas-based automatic knife outfit CobraTec for a new for 2021 knife series. But instead of autos, this latest project is a refresh of two older balisong models, the Tactical and the G10.

Böker’s multifarious catalog is always a little disorienting, and their naming convention for these particular releases further muddies the water. There are two lines – the Tactical and G10 – with two models each, a large and a small. But while the name of the latter suggests that its handle material is its distinguishing feature, in fact both the Tactical and G10 models have G-10 scales.

The actual differences come down to overall size, blade shape, and handle design. The Tactical line sports a drop point blade shape with a pronounced harpoon swedge. The large model has a 4.21-inch blade length, while the Small‘s measures 3.46 inches long. The G-10 handle scales are solid and contoured, with an XX design cut into each scale.

Meanwhile, the G10 models have a harpoonless drop point shape. The Large‘s cutting edge runs to 4.02 inches, and the Small‘s measures 3.23 inches. Their G-10 scales (and the liners underneath) have been skeletonized, creating a strutwork/suspension bridge look.

The G10 model has big classic bali energy
All four of these balisongs comes with the same blade steel – D2. This is the major way in which these remasters improve on the original versions. The first iterations of these knives had 440C blade steel – which we used to describe as the Böker Plus steel of choice, but which seems to be receding as D2 becomes more prevalent in the expansive imprint.

CobraTec has been a key component in Böker’s 2021 strategy, which involves a large number of U.S.-made automatic and, now, butterfly knives. These balisongs are set to release across June and July.

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