Benchmade 2021 Lineup Loads up on New Versions of Old Favorites

Benchmade just put up its first batch of 2021 releases this morning. The 2021 catalog celebrates the versatility of existing and retired models, with revivals and line expansions comprising the bulk of the releases.

Adamas Family Revamp

The Adamas a true Benchmade staple, takes center stage for 2021 with a total line revamp. The original Adamas folder returns, but redrawn with an eye towards weight savings and ergonomics: the handle is more contoured, while still retaining the Axis Lock-powered rigidity that made it famous. At 6.45 oz., the 2021 Adamas’s weight is down by more than an ounce compared to its predecessor. The most exciting change, though, is the upgraded steel: Benchmade chose CPM-CruWear, a semi-stainless that scores high marks in both wear resistance and toughness.

This Adamas is also being joined by a revised Automatic version sporting the same slew of upgrade. Alongside these two full-size models, there will now be a Mini version of the manual Adamas. This one shrinks the blade length down to 3.25 inches, and brings the weight all the way down to 4.6 ounces, while maintaining the new ergos and CruWear steel.

Finally, the 2021 Adamas lineup is capped off by the new fixed blade variant. The 375 Fixed Adamas sports the same 4.2-inch blade length as the model it replaces, but benefits from a revised grind and the CruWear steel. The handle includes a paracord wrap, available in two different colors.


The Claymore is a mighty new automatic, with a 3.6-inch, partially serrated blade made from D2 steel. The only button lock auto on offer this year, it has a big, dagger-ish handle made from textured Grivory, available in either ranger green or black.

Bugout Line Branches Out

It’s won’t surprise anyone that the ever popular Bugout line is growing once again. Like many of its popular peers, the Bugout is getting a “- X” premium variant, the 535-3. The upgrades are carbon fiber handle scales and S90V blade steel; it is a little heavier than the original Bugout at 2.02 oz., but few are likely to complain.

The Mini Bugout gets some love too with the new 533BK-2, which features Benchmade’s CF-Elite handle material, a combination of polymer and carbon fiber. The steel on this variant remains S30V.

4170BK Auto Fact

With its super slim, stiletto-inspired design, the 417 Fact cried out for an automatic version, and now it’s here. The 4170BK Auto Fact also upgrades the handle to an aluminum frame with CF inlay, while the blade steel gets the boost to S90V.

4850-1 Om

The Om takes the classic spine-firing OTF profile and shrinks it down to a teensy 2.475-inch blade length. The drop point blade can be had with or without a blade coating, but either way is made from S30V steel.

5700SGY-1 Auto Presidio II

The Auto Presidio II returns this year as well. You get the same Auto Axis deployment as before, but now with a combination blade made from Cerakote’d CPM-M4 steel.

945 Mini Osborne

When the long-awaited Mini Osborne debuted last year, it came with black G-10 scales like the more modern 940-2. Now we’re getting a Mini model with the original green aluminum chassis; otherwise the details remain the same as on last year’s award-winning hit.

Mini SOCP Revision

The Mini SOCP fixed blade got a makeover this year, with a new blade shape – but the dagger blade’s length remains the same at 2.22 inches.

15500 Meatcrafter

The Meatcrafter, the unusual food prep fixed blade, is getting a “standard” version to run alongside the premium, S45VN-sporting original. This version has an orange Santoprene handle and CPM-154 blade steel, while still benefitting from the SelectEdge preparation that its predecessor did.

601-211 Gold Class Tengu Flipper

Jared Oeser’s Tengu flipper graduates to the Gold Class this year. The new 601-211 goes nuts with the materials: a Damasteel blade, black and white marbled CF handle, and a carry pouch made from shark skin.

Benchmade says that the new models will be releasing sporadically from February through April, other than the Mini Bugout, which is expected later this month.

Knife in Featured Image: Benchmade Claymore



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